Improving the Patient Experience

In the seventh installment of PhenoTips Speaker Series, Innovation specialist, Principal Genetic Counsellor, and Transformation Manager at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, Demetra Georgiou, draws on her experience in service design and genetic counselling to discuss how genetic departments and staff can improve patient care.


As genetic departments and staff face accelerating workloads and limiting resources, concern for the quality of care available to patients has surfaced. Despite these challenging circumstances, some innovative genetic counselors are addressing this concern using a variety of practical techniques and digital solutions. To center this discussion, PhenoTips invited Demetra Georgiou to share her insights and expertise as a service designer transforming genetic care.

Demetra Georgiou is a genetic counsellor and Dynamic Healthcare Professional with 11 years of experience working in the NHS. Trained in both genetic counselling and service design, Demetra specializes in innovation and has developed service blueprints, resources, and strategies that have been published as NICE guidelines and highly commended by the British Medical Association. In her current role as Transformation Manager at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and Principal Genetic Counsellor at North West Thames Regional Genetics Service, Demetra explores how the patient experience can be transformed with openness, virtual clinics, and digital solutions.

In this discussion with DNA Today’s Founder, Producer and Host, Kira Dineen, Demetra Georgiou will draw on her experience transforming patient care to provide insights on:

  • Areas for improvement in genetic counselling
  • The effects of the pandemic on the patient experience
  • Transforming traditional approaches to genetics
  • Enhancing patient care with technology
  • Enabling smooth communication between healthcare providers
  • Improving patient education
  • Patient wait times

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