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Enterprise add-ons to power up your instance.

Integrate PhenoTips into your existing software and workflows to help your team save even more time. Add-ons available at additional cost.

EHR integration

Seamless integration into your existing electronic health record system, so you can use PhenoTips within your regular clinical workflow.

LDAP/AD integration

No need to remember new usernames and passwords. PhenoTips can use your institution's Active Directory for user authentication.

LIMS/LIS integration

Improve your genetic testing automation by integrating with your laboratory information system.

Patient intake questionnaires

Send patients a digital pre-visit questionnaire that automatically draws their family pedigree and populates their chart with HPO terms.

Integrated cancer risk models

Easily calculate up-to-date hereditary cancer risk scores from the patient's family history by integrating your favorite risk models.

Genomic data repository

Store and view the top-tier variants from genome-wide sequencing directly in the patient record, and filter them in real-time based on the patient's phenotype profile.