Meet PhenoTips.

Our Toronto-based team is dedicated to empowering genetic healthcare providers with tools designed for their needs. Often times described as quirky, the team’s unique backgrounds and interests complement one another, strengthening our collective efforts.

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Passionate about making a difference?

Our team is growing and we are hiring across multiple roles


Pawel Buczkowicz, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Pawel Buczkowicz has Lean Six Sigma certification and a PhD in cancer genetics and molecular pathology from the University of Toronto. He has worked on various projects including using next generation sequencing technologies to improve therapies for high-risk childhood cancer, development and validation of clinical genetic tests, and translational research on paediatric stroke, vasculitis and brain tumours. Based on his translational research on brainstem gliomas, published in various high impact journals such as Nature Genetics, including the discovery of novel mutations in human cancers and development of clinical correlates, a new World Health Organization classification was implemented for paediatric gliomas. Dr. Buczkowicz is passionate about streamlining clinical workflows in order to improve the healthcare experience for both patient and doctor and believes smart and efficient software will revolutionize the way medicine is practiced.

Michael Brudno, PhD

Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board

Michael holds a PhD in Computer Science from Stanford. In addition to his role at PhenoTips he serves as Professor and Vice-Chair of Computer Science at the University of Toronto and the Chief Data Scientist of University Health Network. Prior, he was the Scientific Director at the Center of Computational Medicine at SickKids where he led a core facility supporting the Hospital and Research Institute, specializing in Computing, Machine Learning, and Bioinformatics. He is also the Scientific Director of HPC4Health and co-Leader of the Canadian Centre for Computational Genomics

Orion Buske, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Orion strives to empower patients, doctors, and researchers through new tools and technologies. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Toronto, where he specialized in algorithms for genome analysis and #raredisease patient matchmaking. At various times, he led the technical developments of: PhenomeCentral, the Matchmaker Exchange, PatientKind, and RareConnect. He loves data, design, and gardening.


Joel Looyis

Joel Looyis, BCom

Growth Program Manager
Claire Haines

Claire Haines, BA

Account Executive


Sonakshi Bhattacharya

Sonakshi Bhattacharya, MBA

Head of Marketing
Michael Berger

Michael Berger, BSc

Senior Content Manager

Customer Success

Erica Peacock

Erica Peacock, MSc, CGC

Genetics Workflow Consultant
Alice Levandovsky

Alice Levandovsky, BA

Inflow Customer Account Specialist

Human Resources

Terry Bettencourt

Terry Bettencourt, BA

Head Of Human Resources

Software Solutions

Krista Pace

Krista Pace, BSc

Head of Product
Joel John

Joel John, MBA

Solutions Architect

IT Support & Infrastructure

Camillo Tullio

Camillo Tullio, GradDip

Dev/Ops Manager
John Q. Miller

John Q. Miller, Bcosc

Senior Dev/Ops Engineer
Anish Johnson

Anish Johnson, BTech, PGDM

Dev/Ops Engineer


Sebastian Stanisor

Sebastian Stanisor, BASc

Head of Engineering
Alina Gvozdik

Alina Gvozdik, BSc

Senior Back-End Developer
Karanjeet S. Waraich

Karanjeet S. Waraich, MCa

Senior Back-End Developer
Namratha Prasad

Namratha Prasad, MBA

Quality Assurance Engineer
Chris Jiang

Chris Jiang, BSc

Front-End Developer
Joon Seo An

Joon Seo An, BSc

Front-End Developer