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Our Toronto-based team is dedicated to empowering genetic healthcare providers with tools designed for their needs. Often times described as quirky, the team’s unique backgrounds and interests complement one another, strengthening our collective efforts.

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Orion Buske, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Orion strives to empower patients, doctors, and researchers through new tools and technologies. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Toronto, where he specialized in algorithms for genome analysis and #raredisease patient matchmaking. At various times, he led the technical developments of: PhenomeCentral, the Matchmaker Exchange, PatientKind, and RareConnect. He loves data, design, and gardening.

Pawel Buczkowicz, PhD

Chief Operating Officer
VP Scientific & Medical Affairs

Dr. Pawel Buczkowicz has Lean Six Sigma certification and a PhD in cancer genetics and molecular pathology from the University of Toronto. He has worked on various projects including using next generation sequencing technologies to improve therapies for high-risk childhood cancer, development and validation of clinical genetic tests, and translational research on paediatric stroke, vasculitis and brain tumours. Based on his translational research on brainstem gliomas, published in various high impact journals such as Nature Genetics, including the discovery of novel mutations in human cancers and development of clinical correlates, a new World Health Organization classification was implemented for paediatric gliomas. Dr. Buczkowicz is passionate about streamlining clinical workflows in order to improve the healthcare experience for both patient and doctor and believes smart and efficient software will revolutionize the way medicine is practiced.

Sebastian Stanisor, BASc

Senior Software Developer

Sebastian is passionate about working on projects that have a positive impact on people's lives. He was previously at Environment Canada where he worked on the backend system for processing weather data from all over Canada. He also loves automation and strives to reduce any repetitive and frustrating tasks that could help his teammates. He has a BASc in Computer Engineering from the University of Toronto. In his personal life he is passionate about astronomy, books, digital art and motorcycles.

Alina Gvozdik, BSc

Senior Software Developer

Alina is a software developer. Having studied biophysics prior to obtaining her BSc in Computer Science, Alina is interested in solving medical and research problems with software. Prior to joining PhenoTips, Alina worked with the PhenoTips open source team. In her free time Alina enjoys drawing, reading, mountain biking, and Muay Thai.

Karanjeet S. Waraich, MCa

Software Developer

Karan is a software developer with a focus on APIs and micro-services. He earned a Masters degree in Computer Applications from Thapar University, India. Karan began his software development career with Blackrock, where he worked for 3 years. Karan is an automotive enthusiast and wears a gung-ho spirit for technology.

Michael Berger, BSc

Content Manager

Michael is a scientist, communications specialist and storyteller with a BSc in Environmental Biology from the University of Guelph and a postgraduate diploma in Environmental Visual Communication from Fleming College. As someone who is passionate about creating positive change, Michael is thrilled to join the PhenoTips team to help share the stories of those whose lives have been impacted by PhenoTips. She strives to use her dual background in arts and science to bridge the gap between science, medicine and the public by communicating complex subjects in simple and exciting ways.

Jerrell Lee

Business Development Intern

Jerrell is a business development intern from the National University of Singapore (NUS). As a business analytics and economics undergraduate, he is passionate about using data to improve business processes. Prior to joining PhenoTips, Jerrell has worked on projects in consulting and financial advisory firms. He loves sports, movies and learning!

Sanjay Sodhi, BE, MBA

Head of Sales

Passionate about building relationships and creating value through connections, Sanjay heads Sales at PhenoTips. Sanjay started his career as an Engineer and worked for four years for Cisco in India and Holland. After quiting this job, he traveled for a year and ran a backpackers hostel for the next three. Looking for a middle way between the Cisco Engineer and the hippie backpackers hostel owner, he came to Canada for his MBA. Current passions include Leadership, mindfulness and learning new things. Out of the professional work, you can find Sanjay trying to make people laugh in his improv shows or deepening his skills in Camping, Salsa and cooking.

Akshat Khanna, MBA

Senior Product Manager

As a product lead at PhenoTips, Akshat is passionate about empowering geneticists and genetic counselors to enhance productivity and improve patient outcomes, through new software tools, in the patient care lifecycle. He believes in taking a client-centric, data-driven, and outcome-focused approach towards product development. His professional experiences include working in product, strategy, technology, and marketing functions across the financial services, e-commerce, consumer, and digital health industries. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, reading, road cycling, and playing squash and soccer.

John Q. Miller, Bcosc

Dev/Ops Engineer

John is a computer scientist with an affinity for public-interest technology. Having experience with public-sector businesses including Toronto Star and Globe & Mail, as well as private-sector experience from startups to large enterprises, John maintains a balanced perspective on the impacts of technology, and strives to do work that improves people's lives through tech. At PhenoTips he keeps systems running and clients happy, using established DevOps practices.

Sonakshi Bhattacharya, MBA

Head of Marketing

Sonakshi is fascinated by the intersection of human behavior, product design, and business needs. With the core belief that successful businesses keep empathy at the heart of traditional business setups, Sonakshi comes with Masters in Business from the University of Toronto, with a Major in Business design. Sonakshi worked in a digital advertising start-up for 7 years and focused on developing their market and client base in the United States. Fun fact: she is a closet compulsive doodler. When not thinking about life, Sonakshi is usually drawing comics about life. She is also a lover of all dogs and tea cakes.

Suzette McCanny, BFA

Front End Developer

Suzette is a Frontend Developer with an interest in software that makes a real difference in people's lives. By continually learning and applying the most recent technology to this product, she strives to create streamlined user interfaces that assist researchers and medical practitioners with decision making. When she is not coding, Suzette can be found with her toes in whatever garden she is closest to, biking across Toronto or playing board games.

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