PhenoTips Core Medical Genetics Suite

PhenoTips Core Suite is packed with all the necessities of medical genetics, including Human Phenotype Ontology capture, pedigree charts, diagnostic insights and more.

Pedigree Software

Create pedigree charts effortlessly.

Import, export, print, collaborate, edit, and draw your patient’s pedigree chart with the most intuitive pedigree software available.

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agree PhenoTips is the best pedigree drawing software they have used.

A GIF showing the PhenoTips pedigree tool in the process of drawing a pedigree chart for a patient Laptop computer
Human Phenotype Ontology Capture

Capture human phenotypes with ease.

Leveraging the Human Phenotype Ontology (HPO), use predictive search, branching categories, or suggestions to easily capture high-quality clinical symptoms.

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use PhenoTips in their daily practice.

A GIF showing a PhenoTips user capturing Human Phenotype Ontology coded human phenotypes and creating a phenotypic profile for their patient.
Gene & Diagnosis Suggestions

Diagnose with confidence.

Guide diagnosis with phenotype-based gene matching and disease suggestions. Or, use a simple search to record coded rare diseases leveraging Orphanet.

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for our users to reach Diagnosis.

A GIF showing a PhenoTips user browsing the gene suggestions based on the human phenotype ontology coded phenotypic profile of their patient. Laptop computer

One Complete Solution

Ditch your mish-mash of genetic tools for one complete solution, unifying data for better care and analysis.

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Complete EMR Integration

Eliminate all redundant data re-entry by integrating your complete medical genetics suite with your EMR software.

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Natural Language Processing

Enter free-text referral or clinical notes and PhenoTips' will automatically run natural language processing to suggest Human Phenotype Ontology coded phenotypes.

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Even Smarter Charting

Clinical measurements are automatically plotted as quantiles and growth curves, with abnormal values automatically recorded as Human Phenotype Ontology coded phenotypes.

PhenoTips revolutionized how we work in our department and made us much more efficient.

- Dr. Marc Tischkowitz, Consultant Clinical Geneticist, CUH Addenbrookes, Cambridge, UK
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