PhenoTips for Health Systems

A future-forward solution for NHS health systems.

PhenoTips is a proud partner of the NHS, helping trusts and regional alliances collaborate, engage patients, and offer consistent, accessible genomic care through a single, centralised Genomic Health Record.


NHS trusts have adopted PhenoTips

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Join the NHS trusts reimagining regional genomics and unifying nationwide care

PhenoTips and the East Genomic Service Alliance Partner in Regional Transformation Project

PhenoTips' COO Dr. Pawel Buczkowicz presents the project making genomic expansion possible by equitably embedding and centralising genomics in the East Midlands and East of England region.


Unite hospitals with a central system for genomics

Designed for genomic mainstreaming, multidisciplinary team collaboration, and deep integrations.

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  • Submitting paient questionnaire form in PhenoTips

Avoid redundant data re-entry while uniting your health system. Your Genomic Health Record can integrate with any existing data management systems for seamless communication between systems, hospitals, labs, and trusts

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Focus on patient care instead of deciphering clinical notes. Standardized Human Phenotype Ontology (HPO) terms are suggested from large chunks of free text for effortless symptom capture.

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Improve patient engagement and save time during the first patient encounter by sending your patient a gender-inclusive digital family history questionnaire that automatically draws their pedigree.

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Streamline cancer risk assessment by running four risk models simultaneously for any family member with a simple click of a button in pedigrees, saving time wasted on re-entering information already in other models and pedigrees.

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Build complex and inclusive pedigrees with a tool that understands the concept of family members, harnessing the latest standards to collect and link both patient and family level data.

Harness the power of computable data to create cohorts and search your database. Search and filter for patients and families based on phenotypic presentation, diagnosis, genotype and much more.

Plus PhenoTips Core Features.

All Genomic Health Records come equipped with the necessities of genomic medicine.

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Inclusive pedigree charts

Build complex, standardized, and gender-inclusive pedigree charts with a user-friendly tool.

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Symptom capture that counts

Easily store and capture rich clinical datasets with standard data models and HPO nomenclature.

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Better insights, faster

Gene and diagnosis suggestions help you reach diagnosis sooner, even for rare diseases.

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Secure workflows

PhenoTips' Genomic Health Record is GDPR, DSPT, HIPAA, and CE+ certified and compliant.

PhenoTips looks good and it’s just so easy to use. You really want something that people who are not IT savvy can pick up quickly, this is perfect, it’s so easy to pick up.

The entire clinical genetics team, inherited cardiovascular team, and some other specialties such as Ophthalmology use PhenoTips on a daily basis. We save time as we no longer have to re-enter information for cancer risk calculations. It is easier to share and helps avoid unnecessary duplication of work. When requesting Whole exome/genome testing, we attach a printout from PhenoTips, rather than re-entering the data.

Dr. Ajith Kumar, Consultant in Clinical Genetics, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children Foundation Trust, London, UK

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