Improving Patient Experiences in Clinical Genetics

In the seventeenth installment of the PhenoTips Speaker Series, geneticists and quality improvement pioneers Nationwide Children's Hospital’s Dr. Bimal Chaudhari, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Dr. Ian Campbell, and Great Ormond Street Hospital’s Dr. Ajith Kumar discuss best practices to improve the patient experience in clinical genetics.


The patient experience in clinical genetics is riddled with emotional, logistical, financial, and informational challenges. In this rapidly progressing field, genetic professionals are navigating an ever-changing landscape of insurance-payer models, delivery models, technology, and therapeutics in an effort to improve patient experiences, systemic efficiency, and health outcomes. To address the tangible ways in which clinicians and researchers can work to improve the patient experience in clinical genetics, PhenoTips invited Dr. Bimal Chaudhari, Dr. Ian Campbell, and Dr. Ajith Kumar to share their insights.

Dr. Bimal Chaudhari is a principal investigator in the Steve and Cindy Rasmussen Institute for Genomic Medicine, a member of the Sections of Neonatology, Genetics & Genomic Medicine, and founder of the Radiogenomics Research Affinity Group at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. His research focuses on health systems’ approach to applications of genomic medicine in acute and critical care pediatric populations, where he investigates multiple protocols of the delivery of rapid genome sequencing in acute and critical care settings. In addition, Dr. Chaudhari is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at The Ohio State University College of Medicine.

Dr. Ian Campbell is a clinical geneticist at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. His research interests include utilizing electronic health record data to better understand phenotypic variability, develop superior clinical diagnostic criteria, and empower clinical decision support. He regularly participates in quality improvement initiatives to advance genetic care through better tracking of patients along their diagnostic odyssey, improved communication between providers and patients and families, and delivery of telemedicine.

Dr. Ajith Kumar is a consultant in clinical genetics at the North East Thames regional genetics service based at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, UK, where he has experience in rare diseases and cancer genetics. Dr. Kumar has a special interest in using information technology to improve efficiency and to provide a better patient experience.

In this panel discussion, quality improvement pioneers, Dr. Bimal Chaudhari, Dr. Ian Campbell, and Dr. Ajith Kumar, address:

  • The biggest challenges patients face in clinical genetic care
  • How to integrate feedback to improve patient care
  • Navigating systemic barriers to improve accessibility of care

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