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New Year, New Website, Same Dependable Solution

To ring in the new decade, we’ve taken “new year, new us” quite literally — with a new name and brand new website to match.

Michael Berger
Michael Berger
Clinician showing a pedigree in PhenoTips to a patient

We’re excited to debut our new look and feel to those who know us as Gene42, as well as those who are only familiar with PhenoTips. Regardless of how you know us, we believe these changes will make your life much simpler. Our new site is designed with you in mind, it is a one-stop shop for all things PhenoTips. We’ve taken special care to make discovering the solution that fits your unique needs simple by putting the information you’re looking for right at your fingertips.

We understand many things have changed, change is scary and you might have some questions, so we’ve taken some time to address them:

Why can’t I find the PhenoTips download link?

We loved how many researchers, research groups and clinics were able to use the free, open-source PhenoTips, but we didn’t love how difficult it was to download and set up. Keeping the software updated and running smoothly was even more difficult, and we weren’t able to support the many users in the way they needed. To solve this, we’ve created PhenoTips Cloud, the easiest way to use PhenoTips. You can begin using PhenoTips Cloud instantly on any device with an internet connection. It’s stacked with the latest features and updated automatically.

Where is PhenoTips Playground?

The short answer is that the playground is gone, it’s been replaced with something better. Downloading the open-source PhenoTips was a headache, so the playground was created as an easy way to try out the software online. Unfortunately, we found that some playground users were not using the platform as intended, and instead entered unsupported sensitive patient information. Protecting the privacy of patient information is our priority, so we’ve removed the playground, replacing it with a free trial of PhenoTips Cloud, a secure platform for the storage of genomic data. The trial will give you a chance to experience the easiest way to use PhenoTips, PhenoTips Cloud, which is web-hosted and automatically updated.

What happened to Gene42?

Gene42 may be PhenoTips now, but nothing else has changed, we’re the same dedicated team with the same smart solutions. Until now, PhenoTips has been the software and Gene42 has been the company behind it, but to ring in our sixth birthday we’re starting fresh as PhenoTips. We believe this change will reduce confusion, and better represents our values: simplicity, clarity and smart, clean solutions. Read more about our name-change…

A huge thank you

Finally, to the open-source PhenoTips community, as well as the rare disease community, we’d like to extend a resounding “thank you”. We would not be where we are today without your continued support and feedback. You have helped shape PhenoTips and our solutions into tools that benefit not only genetics, but all genetic-based medicine, and for that we cannot thank you enough.

Michael Berger
Michael Berger