The Role of OpenEHR in Transforming Patient Care

In the eleventh installment of PhenoTips Speaker Series, Dr. Shane McKee, Chief Clinical Information Officer for Belfast Health and Social Care Trust, discusses the role openEHR technology plays in transforming the ways patient care is delivered.


Healthcare data presents unique challenges, it is highly sensitive and must be stored for long periods of time. While Electronic Medical Record Systems represent a great step towards efficiency and digitization, they have resulted in the loss of health information when hospitals move from one vendor to another. Their inability to communicate with each other and other systems has burdened healthcare practitioners and frustrated patients who wish to change providers. To bring awareness to the potential of openEHR to mitigate these challenges, PhenoTips invited Dr. Shane McKee to discuss openEHR as a solution to the challenges commonly posed by traditional EHRs.

Dr. Shane McKee is a Consultant in Genetic and Genomic Medicine in Belfast and Chief Clinical Information Officer for the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust. He led the Northern Ireland contribution to the UK 100,000 Genomes Project and has a longstanding passion for using technology and data to improve healthcare delivery and health outcomes, particularly in the field of rare diseases.

In this discussion with certified prenatal genetic counselor and founder, producer and host of DNA Today, Kira Dineen, digital champion Dr. Shane McKee will provide insights on:

  • How an OpenEHR model can alleviate the above challenges currently faced by healthcare professionals and their patients
  • The role of an EHR in providing continuity in patient care
  • The impact of superior data sharing between systems on public health

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