Integrating Genomics into Routine Clinical Practice

In the ninth installment of PhenoTips Speaker Series, Dr. John McDermott, the UK’s first Academic Clinical Fellow in Genomic Medicine, presents the benefits, potential roadblocks, and solutions required to transition genomics into routine clinical practice.


Precision medicine is an emerging approach to general medical care that tailors treatment and preventative measures based on an individual’s unique environmental and genetic profile, promising individualized and precise care. While widely heralded as the future of mainstream medicine, precision medicine will require technologies, resources, and skill sets that enable the scaling of genomics into all areas of healthcare. To prepare for this fast approaching future, PhenoTips invited Dr. John McDermott to present on the practical application of genomics in routine clinical practice.

Dr. John McDermott, the UK’s first Academic Clinical Fellow in Genomic Medicine, focuses his research at the Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine on the application of genomics in acute and everyday healthcare settings. In 2018, John was awarded the NIHR Clinical Research Network award for outstanding contribution to UK research, as well as the Vienna Medal by the European Society of Human Genetics for his translational research. More recently, he has been awarded funding from the NIHR to undertake the world’s first trial of a point-of-care genetic test in the acute setting.

In this presentation hosted by PhenoTips COO and VP of Scientific and Medical Affairs, Dr. John McDermott will draw from his research to provide insights on:

  • Making precision medicine a reality
  • Integrating genetic and genomic technologies into regular clinical practice
  • The role precision medicine will play in improving care and diagnosis

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