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Research Features

The power of standardization.

Discover investigative precision and efficiency at every stage of your study.

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Focus on patient care instead of deciphering clinical notes. Standardized HPO terms are suggested from large chunks of free text for effortless symptom capture.

Easily create cohorts based on standardized phenotype, genotype, diagnosis, and more, for efficient and accurate insights. Export your cohort or case match with a couple clicks.

Store variant information inside the patient record, rather than siloed in lab systems. Manage variant files for efficient analysis, viewing and filtering by HPO terms and genotype-phenotype relationships.

Effortlessly share de-identified patient data with other PhenoTips instances or PhenomeCentral to find similar cases and work collaboratively with researchers and clinicians around the world.

Plus PhenoTips Core Featues.

In addition to study-enhancing research features, all PhenoTips accounts come equipped with the necessities of genomic investigation.

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Superior pedigree drawing

Over 95% of users agree PhenoTips is the best pedigree drawing software they’ve used.

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Symptom capture that counts

More than simply listing symptoms, your standardized symptoms power your analysis.

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Better insights, faster

Genes and diagnoses stored in OMIM and ORPHANET formats are retrieved with a simple search.

PhenoTips software is used by UDN clinicians and researchers on a daily basis.

Since it is connected to PhenomeCentral, it streamlines secure sharing of de-identified participant data with researchers outside of the UDN - a key step in finding other similar individuals and establishing patient cohorts.

- Kimberly LeBlanc, Associate Director of Research Operations, Undiagnosed Diseases Network, Boston, MA, USA

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