PhenoTips for Pediatrics

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Simplify pediatric patient care with PhenoTips' complete solution for pediatric genetics.

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Hospital Features

From pre-visit through continuing care.

Designed for rare disease and pediatric genetics at every stage of the patient journey.

  • Submitting paient questionnaire form in PhenoTips
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Save time during the first patient encounter. Increase efficiency by up to 50% by sending your patient a survey that auto-draws their pedigree.

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Never enter the same information twice. Embedded directly into your clinic’s electronic health record, information is shared between patient charts and PhenoTips automatically.

Focus on patient care instead of deciphering clinical notes. Standardized HPO terms are suggested from large chunks of free text for effortless symptom capture.

Forget graphing and interpreting growth curves, PhenoTips instantly creates quantiles from clinical measurements and reports abnormal values as standardized HPO terms.

Effortlessly share de-identified patient data with other PhenoTips instances or PhenomeCentral to find similar cases and work collaboratively with researchers and clinicians around the world.

Plus PhenoTips Core Features.

In addition to our pediatric suite, all PhenoTips medical genetics solutions come equipped with the necessities of genomic medicine.

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Superior pedigree drawing

Over 95% of users agree PhenoTips is the best pedigree drawing software they’ve used.

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Symptom capture that counts

More than simply listing symptoms, your standardized symptoms power your analysis.

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Diagnose 30 times faster

Built-in diagnoses suggestions help you reach diagnosis sooner, even for rare diseases.

PhenoTips looks good and it’s just so easy to use. You really want something that people who are not IT savvy can pick up quickly, this is perfect, it’s so easy to pick up.

- Marc Tischkowitz, Consultant Clinical Geneticist, CUH Addenbrookes, Cambridge, UK
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Discover the complete solution for pediatric genetics.

Our medical genetics suite is customized to your Pediatric needs with additional cross-department functionality

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