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Capture patient symptoms and family history with intuitive tools that make your data standardized and interoperable.

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Modernize your genomics workflow.

PhenoTips is the leading solution for capturing the essential phenotype and family history data for genome analysis.

Deep Phenotyping with the HPO.

Leveraging the Human Phenotype Ontology (HPO), you can easily capture high quality clinical symptoms and physical findings for your analysis.

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HPO users since the beginning

PhenoTips was one of the first tools to make it practical to store patient records coded with HPO terms.

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Ditch pen and paper for a Pedigree solution that works.

Create comprehensive family history trees in seconds to tell each family’s unique story.

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"PhenoTips revolutionized how we work in our department and made us much more efficient."

Dr. Marc Tischkowitz, Consultant Clinical Geneticist, Addenbrooke's Hosptial, Cambridge University Hospitals

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Stop wasting time trying to transcribe patient data with pen and paper. PhenoTips is fast, accurate and saves you time and resources so you can help more patients.

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