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Genomic Health Record Core Features

PhenoTips digitizes more aspects of medical genetics with a unified, EHR-integrated solution

Pedigree Software

Complex, inclusive pedigree charts.

Import, export, collaborate on, and link multiple patients to a shared, gender-inclusive pedigree chart.

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agree PhenoTips is the best pedigree drawing software they have used.

A GIF showing the PhenoTips pedigree tool in the process of drawing a pedigree chart for a patient
Human Phenotype Ontology Capture

Next-generation phenotyping made easy.

Leverage the Human Phenotype Ontology (HPO) to streamline laboratory test requisition and power your analysis.

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use PhenoTips in their daily practice.

Gene & Diagnosis Suggestions

Diagnose with confidence.

Guide diagnosis with phenotype-based gene and disease suggestions. Or, use a simple search to record genes or coded diseases leveraging Orphanet and OMIM.

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Plus Add-on Features

Phenotips has Genomic Health Records designed for cancer genetics, rare disease, regional health systems, and additional specialties.

Pre-visit Patient Questionnaire

Automate pedigree drawing.

Empower patients to capture their own family history with digital questionnaires that automatically generate editable pedigree charts.

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Cancer Risk Assessment

Pedigree-embedded cancer risk assessment.

Launch four simultaneous risk models within pedigrees and calculate risk scores for any family member in a pedigree with no unnecessary, redundant data re-entry.

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 In a complex family pedigree, a clinician runs cancer risk assessment models, one to four at a time, 
                  for different family members in the pedigree without adjusting who the pedigree’s proband is. Each risk assessment, 
                  whether the clinician runs only the BOADICEA model or runs Premm5, BOADICEA, IBIS, and GAIL simultaneously, takes 
                  less than a minute to complete.

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There’s a lot of different pedigree drawing programs out there. I’ve found them clunky and not very useful. But with PhenoTips I’ve never had any problems - it just works. You don’t want to think about the IT behind it, you just want something that works.

Dr. Marc Tischkowitz, Consultant Clinical Geneticist, Addenbrooke's Hosptial, Cambridge University Hospitals

32 years and 180+ visits to my GP without a diagnosis. PhenoTips would now suggest a differential by the sixth visit.

Ian Stedman, Postdoctoral Fellow Researching in Artificial Intelligence Law and Ethics, Hospital for Sick Children

In terms of collaboration, PhenoTips has made it much better than what we had before! It’s easier to know which cases are complete and much easier for us to go back to a case and know where it is in the process. Before, we had to ask others on the team questions like “When are we going to get results?”, “Are you analyzing this case?”

Anne-Marie Laberge, MD, MPH, PhD, Researcher, CHU Sainte-Justine Research Center,Associate Clinical Professor of Medical Genetics & Paediatrics, Université de Montréal

Phenotips has become an indispensable asset to our research team. We are now able to securely store data including medical history, genetic test results, and family histories all in one location outside of the EMR. This has improved our genomic analysts’ ability to locate necessary data to inform results interpretation. In addition, the ease of use has prompted our clinical Genetics team to adopt the pedigree tool for daily utilization.

Lauren Bartik, Genetic Counselor, Children’s Mercy Hospitals

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