PhenoTips for Hospitals

Forget redundant re-entry of information into a random assortment of add-on tools. With cross department functionality, your Genomic Health Record™ is a complete solution for genetics at every stage of the patient journey, from pre-vist through continuing care.

Hospital Features

From first encounter to continuing care.

PhenoTips improves your workflow at every step of the patient journey.

Save time wasted collecting family history during the first patient encounter. Increase efficiency by up to 50% by sending your patient a survey that auto-draws their pedigree.

Embedded directly into your clinic’s electronic health record, information is shared between patient charts and PhenoTips automatically.

Through text mining, standardized HPO terms are suggested from large chunks of free text for effortless symptom capture.

With a simple click of a button within pedigrees, save up to 30 minutes wasted with redundant data re-entry.

PhenoTips instantly creates quantiles from clinical measurements and reports abnormal values as standardized HPO symptoms.

Push to PhenomeCentral’s repository to find similar cases, group cohorts, and work collaboratively with researchers and clinicians around the world.

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PhenoTips allows us to click a button and save anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes in extra work.

- Scott Weissman, MS, Cancer Service Lead Genetic Counselor, Genome Medical, San Francisco, CA, USA

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