PhenoTips for Hospitals

Good charting and phenotyping is essential for reaching an accurate diagnosis, but this process consumes clinician’s valuable time. Maximize clinical resources by streamlining patient data capture to provide doctors with better insights, faster.


The patient fills out a digital intake form before their visit, automatically drawing the pedigree.

Clinical review

A specialist reviews the patient's family history and clinical features, easily recording them into PhenoTips through the EHR.


The specialist reviews the disorders and genes that PhenoTips suggests based on the patient's phenotype, and orders an appropriate genetic test.

Phenotype curation.

Leveraging the Human Phenotype Ontology (HPO), you can search, record and annotate phenotypes without the pitfalls of free-text.

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Pedigree drawing.

Create comprehensive family history trees in seconds to tell each family’s unique story.


Text mining.

HPO terms are suggested from large chunks of free text so you can focus on patient care instead of deciphering referral notes.

EHR integration.

Embedded directly into your clinic’s electronic health record, information is shared between patient charts and PhenoTips automatically.


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